Salt Lake Valley Emergency Fund
Salt Lake Valley Emergency Fund

The Fund

We do not accept applications from the public.  We only accept applications for assistance from partnering nonprofit organizations and local police personnel.

The Salt Lake Valley Emergency Fund (also known as “the Fund”) was formed by front-line crisis workers who work for several local police departments. These Crime Victim Advocates and Police Officers have found that they are continually struggling to help people with immediate emergency financial needs due to a lack of local resources and organizations that are unable to provide assistance to help address a person’s immediate needs. As a result, this financial gap leaves victims more vulnerable and unsafe.


The purpose of the Fund is to provide immediate financial assistance to crime victims in crisis. The Fund's goals are:

  • To alleviate and lessen additional trauma to those who are in crisis
  • To keep victims safe from their perpetrators
  • To help restore some feeling of hope to those affected by crime
  • To assist in reducing the number of homicides in the Salt Lake Valley
We have assisted over 900 individuals since the Fund began in 2006.

The Fund wants to help restore some feeling of hope to those affected by crime. Crisis-related expenses can also cause a detrimental snow-ball effect, where one incident may eventually lead to eviction, foreclosure, homelessness, etc. The Fund assists those who have experienced a crime-related crisis where they are unable to pay for things such as temporary shelter at a hotel or motel if other community shelters are full, rent, mortgage, heat/utility bills, or a rental deposit if they need to flee their apartment, etc. We provide financial help to people who have been directly affected by homicide, suicide, traumatic loss, child abuse, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, robbery, etc.


The Fund is managed and directed by volunteers, all of whom are professionals employed by various Salt Lake Valley law enforcement agencies. We partner with several wonderful nonprofit organizations to better assist our clients needs. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to assisting people within 48 hours after a traumatic incident. We are a 501(c)3 organization, and we have a fundraising permit through the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.




The Fund was modeled after another successful nonprofit organization called the Crime Victims Fund. The Crime Victims Fund assisted needy victims in San Diego, CA and had been operating for over 20 years. We are the first nonprofit organization of this kind in the state of Utah.

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